Body shops

We offer a customized service to body shops

Many body shops co-operate with Silor profiting from its staff high level expertise and know-how as for internal outfitting of industrial and commercial vehicles as well as for its huge own space, thus being able to be simultaneously dedicated to different processing, at the world-class level anyhow.

Silor signs agreements with body shops, supplying floor bed and side proposals for any contractors’ vehicles to be fitted directly on their vehicles. Designed and reliable as for the part assembling, kits are customer-friendly, easy-to-assemble and fit, including many customized solutions for body shops all over Italy.

More information?

Are you a body shop and do you need more information on our vehicle outfitting service? Contact us and we will provide for a practical and effective solution to your agency, with a customized quotation for any request of your body shop.

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