We outfit contractors’ vehicles for companies

Silor can manage inside its huge internal and external spaces for outfitting vehicles on behalf of companies. The possibility to work on any vehicle on the Silor spaces allows to sign contracts to outfit many vehicle fleets, thus offering companies complete outfitting services on all the vehicles all together.

Silor is different from any competitor as it can be granted consistent offers by companies thanks to its huge available space. What is more Silor is selected by companies to outfit its contractors’ vehicles thanks to high flexibility, without forgetting its long-lasting expertise in the wood processing. Nothing is given for granted, thanks to the initial company origins, as an handicraft carpentry operating in the furnishing sector.

Thanks to its constant introduction of innovating processes as well is mastery specialization in the part manufacturing, Silor can provide companies for a wide range of customized parts for industrial vehicles such as floor beds, carpets, side covering, wheel base covering, cab protection covering, profiles and many other parts.

More information?

Are you a company and do you need more information on our vehicle outfitting service? Contact us and we will provide for a practical and effective solution to your agency, with a customized quotation for any request.

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