Storage in the warehouse

The company enforces the Kanban method as for the just-in-time reordering

As for the storage in the warehouse and the order management, Silor has been using the Kaban method for a long, based on a “just-in-time” system to supplement stocks according to consumptions. The method was initially enforced within the Toyota warehouses, then widespread to different production companies, mainly in the automotive sector.

The Kanban method stands out for its storage technique in the warehouse, a crucial factor as for aggressive production technique such as lean production or just-in-time. The word comes from Japanese and means “tag”, referring to the raw material and half-finished product stock management technique, constantly controlling stock levels. Originally, according to the kanban method, stocks are stored in containers identified by a tag, duly referring to their type. Thus, it was easily possible to promptly restock missing materials.

Silor thus manages to immediately and dynamically reorder nearly missing materials, without wasting time and perfectly controlling any industrial or commercial vehicle outfitting production, according to the material availability.

The constant performance and production process improvements are among the priorities of the company operating management and Silor material storage in the warehouse fully mirrors the company total quality philosophy.

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