Test Plates

To move industrial and commercial vehicles around

Silor aims at offering to its customers the possibility to co-operate with a qualified company, ready to comply with any specific requirement. Thus the company offers test plates in case it is necessary to move any customer vehicle or transportation means around to manage any quantity and destination possible, thus complying with any company need.

Silor promptly and reliably delivers vehicles to outfit or be outfitted all over Italy, thanks to the use to test plates and a driver service, thus offering a door-to-door delivery service to the end user.

Silor is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard, thus any step in the order management is certified. The Quality management system is only certified in companies paying a constant and due attention to customers, including additional services such as test plates for industrial and commercial vehicles. The constant performance and production process improvements have always been a priority for Silor operating management, aiming at increasing its loyal customer range and services, to be shaped and modified according to the specific requirements.

Constant and targeted controls together with the attention to any company requirement Silor has been working in time with provide for high quality of products and services offered. The possibility to supply test plates to move around vehicles is among the main customer attentions paid by Silor to its customers, as to stand out in time for its quality.

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