Vehicle outfitting

Outfitting studied for industrial and commercial vehicles

Silor core business has always been in time outfitting industrial and commercial vehicles as well, as to allow companies to change their transportation means according to their requirement, varying from higher security up to best service. The company is able to outfit a wide range of industrial vehicles available at present on the market but any company in the sector is well informed how important it is to have vehicles suitable to any daily activity.

The Silor vehicle outfitting mainly aims at offering the possibility to companies to customize their contractors’ vehicle as to work on vehicles perfectly customized to the specific activities to be carried out and to provide at the same time for the best possible results.

Silor besides outfitting any vehicle, is qualified to change car chassis and assembling axles and suspensions, to offer carpentry sercices to assemble outfitting, to assembled hydraulic installations and different accessories.

Any company is not simply a possible business for Silor, but mainly it represents the opportunity to widen its expertise, thus the total customer satisfaction is its final goal. The customized vehicle outfitting is the company strength, offering its customers organization, flexibility, professional and master expertise in the sector.

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