Vehicle outfitting design

An internal technical department entirely consecrated to outfitting projects

Thanks to its qualified and competent technical department, Silor directly designs the best vehicle outfitting, complying with its customer requirements to coherently and accurately change commercial and industrial vehicles as well.

Silor dynamic organization allows the company to profitably design coverings, floor beds and side for single vehicles or company fleets as well, with the same attention and competence paid to big size industries and small handicraft companies as well.

The decision only to use world-class materials, studied in any minimum detail while duly paying attention to quality and qualified staff liable for sales and assembling, allow Silor to be considered the ideal partner as for designing the best market outfitting, with the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Changes designed by Silor affect the internal vehicle structure, thus optimizing and improving spaces used without changing the vehicle exterior, the same supplied by the manufacturing automotive companies.

Among the offered services as for the vehicle outfitting, minibus outfitting as well, as for the swinging-sliding door, internal finishes and windowing. Silor offers wood floor beds and lateral side covering in MDF (medium density fiberboard) and in plastics for commercial vehicles and glazed and half-glazed van outfitting, in terms of internal finishing and windowing as well.

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