Vehicle Ribbing

Outfitting ribbed vehicles (vans, trailers and half-trailers)

Ribbing of contractors’ vehicles is one of the many shared industrial vehicle changes, demanded by customer companies for their vehicle fleet, including vans, trailers and half-trailers.

The vehicle ribbing offered by Silor aims at fitting an useful system to cover, protect and hide the transported load and at the same time making the vehicle far more flexibile. The vehicle ribbing in fact is very simple to open on the three sides to load and unload goods through mechanical means, thanks to the use of cage, made of removable parts, consisting of a metal frame with horizontal bars in wood or metal, covered with thick and fabric tarpaulins.

Many ribbed transportation means exhibit an operable roof, thanks to a sliding mechanism, making them suitable to the top loading.

The industrial vehicle ribbing is to be requested to the Silor technical department in terms of use and external change of the operating transportation means. Quite often Silor is requested a ribbing to cread a dedicated ad space ot to make the company brand even more visible. 

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