Outfitting of commercial vehicles

Customization of any commercial vehicle

The decision to turn to Silor as for the outfitting of any commercial vehicle means the customer willingness to work on a transportation means really complying with its requirements. It will improve the vehicle efficiency, use, comfort and performance as well.

The internal Silor organization allows to assess coverings for single vehicles or for a fleet of vehicles, always providing for the same accuracy, attention and professional to big companies and to small companies as well wiling to invest in quality of their operating activities.

When outfitting the commercial vehicle, Silor provides for all the finishes for  the van floor bed covering, mainly the part more affected by operating wear. The floor bed is entirely made in wood in a single panel, providing for the best possible resistance and at the same time the required flexibility as well. The contractors’ vehicle floor bed, covered by a special highly resistance paint, tailored-shaped leaving space of the wheel case and the joints.

Similarly the panels for the commercial vehicle sides are made in wood and shaped according to the different model sizes (select the floor bed&side kit). Such special panels for sides are fitted as to allow to lower damages depending on wear and material tilting inside the van, thus increasing the vehicle duration but at the same time fitting the useful racks to functionally outfit the van.

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