Thanks to the professionalism acquired over the years, Silor prepares the setups of company fleets with customized and tailor-made solutions already in the design phase. It then proceeds with the outfitting interventions with all the necessary speed to complete them within the established deadline. 

Over time, the Silor team has proven its ability to store and work on a certain number of vehicles continuously in a given period of time, often in the short term, as usually required by companies that rely on Silor.

In addition to making the spaces inside the vehicles as functional as possible, and as satisfactory as possible also from an aesthetic point of view, the Silor team ensures uniformity from vehicle to vehicle, whatever the size of the fleet, except for different requests on the part of the customers.

Generally, the outfitting of company fleets includes the supply, installation of platforms and lining of the sides to preserve the vehicle during the various phases of the activity that is carried out. In particular, Silor has developed experience by setting up specific corporate fleets for a national customer specialized in rentals, and periodically for numerous express couriers operating in Europe. Silor has also addressed companies operating in the vending and assistance sectors on roads and construction sites.

The availability of large spaces owned by the company, and its extensive experience in setting up company fleets allow the Silor team to accommodate at the same time, more vehicles or even the entire or large fleets of customers' vehicles, and create the fittings.

The possibility of dedicating oneself to all the vehicles at the same time, on a single occasion, without dividing the outfitting interventions on several groups or in several phases, is generally a great organizational advantage for companies, as the vehicles can quickly resume their daily activities.

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