C.A.M. by Silor

Tents and fittings for traders since 1985

C.A.M. by Silor is mainly liable for the production of tents for peddlers. C.A.M by Silor offers a wide range of customized tents for traders besides accessories such as: internal shelving, plywood floor beds and internal coverings, umbrellas, baskets, counters, dressing rooms, counter supports, standers, racks, etc. 

C.A.M. tents have been manufactured since 1985. At present with Silor it is possible to get the best quality with updated technological innovations as to lower the costs to the bare minimum.

C.A.M tents for peddlers are made with world-class materials: stainless steel and finished with an oven-baked layer for structure and the best PVC for coverings.

Thanks the new lines, C.A.M. by Silor complies with any peddler requirements: a real customized tent for vehicles which can be fitted whatsoever. C.A.M. tent structures for peddlars are made in stainless steel and oven painted.

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To get more information on tents for customized tents for traders , as for any other information, get in touch with Silor filling the form added in the section Contacts

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