The Company

The Company

Professionals in the outfitting of industrial and commercial vehicles

Why Silor? Certainly for its long-lasting experience in working with renowned companies manufacturing industrial and commercial vehicles. Its internal organization allows to assess the most suitable coverings for single or fleet vehicles, consecrating its professional expertise to any type of company, from the small handicraft companies to the big industries.

The decision only to use world-class materials, studied in any minimum detail while duly paying attention to quality and its trained staff liable for sales and assembling, allow Silor to be considered the ideal partner as for designing the best market outfitting, with the highest possible customer satisfaction.

A young and dynamic teams combined with a high processing flexibility allows to be always updated on new products from automotive manufacturers and aligned with the latest market proposals. Loyal customer confirm the trust in Silor for its effective and prompt after-sale service, for its outfitting of vehicles which is not simply limited to the van outfitting but it offers a constant support the company in case of any requirement.

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