Private customers

We do outfit contractors’ vehicle for private customers.

Silor is not only the world-class choice for any company belonging to many different sectors, but its services are provided to many private customers as well, profiting from its professional and its staff efficiency to outfit vehicles and to offer the company internal body work activities.

The use of first quality materials, designed up the smartest detail and duly paying attention to quality as well as the high qualification level of its sale and assembling staff make Silor the ideal partner for the design or construction of the best vehicle outfitting on the market, with the final best customer satisfaction whatsoever.

Silor works with private customers as well asking to add and install on their vehicles any customized fitting as well as floor beds, carpets, side covering, wheel case covers, cab protection covering, profiles and other wood/aluminum/rubber parts. Private customers can also benefit from Silor internal carpentry expertise, a reference in time for many companies. Silor is liable for CNC wood processing as to manufactured different products and parts destined to many market sectors such as furnishing toys and design products.

Loyal private customers confirm their confidence in Silor, thanks to its after-sale prompt service as well, after any intervention, for a service on each vehicle which Is not simply consisting in the van change but in the company support whatever the requirement.

More information?

Are you a private customer and do you need more information on private vehicle outfitting? Contact us and we will provide for a practical and effective solution, with  a customized quotation for any request.

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