Renting companies

Outfitting of renting company commercial vehicles

Silor aims at complying with requirements of any company, among which renting companies, asking for their vehicle outfitting, though a production structure and a factory which does not change according to the customer company size but which profits from its expertise to comply with requirements from any customer.

Many renting companies signed partnership agreements with Silor for their vehicle outfitting and to profit from the many Silor’s offered services, among which the possibility to park a consistent number of vehicles in the dedicated outside spaces.

The Silor internal body work, what is more, is the strength and buttonhole for many renting companies, as they can deliver any vehicle available and get a prompt service, thanks to their parking spaces and the operator professional and rapidity.

Thus Silor looks for innovating solutions to increase its renting company satisfaction. Therefore it is not only liable for the commercial and industrial vehicle outfitting but provides for customers and well-structures services to any company.

Silor offers any renting company a complete recovery and transportation service in case of requirement: the company can handle customer vehicles and with its own transportation means it can manage any quantity and destination as well, thus consistently lowering transportation costs.

More information?

Are you a renting company and do you need more information on our vehicle outfitting service? Contact us and we will provide for a practical and effective solution to your agency, with a customized quotation for any request.

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