Processing on behalf of third parties

Silor besides outfitting industrial and commercial vehicles, is liable for processing on behalf of third parties as to allow companies to get materials and accessories suitable to change their vehicles. Among the offered services, outfitting of industrial and commercial vehicles, construction of wood, plastic and metal parts in general, on its behalf and on behalf of third parties.

Silor was originally a carpentry operating in the furnishing sector, thus it masters how to really carve and process woord. The internal carpentry allows to entirely control any wood processing, as not to underestimate any production and vehicle outfitting step while entirely controlling at the same time the materials used.

Available processing on behalf of third parties offered by Silor includes the production of products and parts for different market sectors: furniture, toys and design products.

Thanks to the renewal process enforced in the nineties and to the enforcement of new specialized production processes in the manufacturing of parts, Silor provides on behalf of third parties for a wide range finished customized products for industrial vehicles such as floor beds, carpets, side covering, wheel case cover, cab protection covering, profiles and other components in wood, aluminum and plastics.

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