CNC wood processing

A special pantograph allows to cut single unique parts, up to 6.20 m long

The selection of Silor for the outfitting of any contractors’ vehicle means profiting from a company originally operating as a world-class carpentry and therefore perfectly mastering the CNC top quality wood processing. CNC wood processing by Silor includes the manufacturing of products and parts for different market sectors, among which furniture, toys and design products.

Wood processing mastery stands out among Silor’s advantages in comparison to its competitors, dating back to the beginning of the fifties. Silor in fact offers the best solutions in the CNC wood processing thanks to the use of the latest innovating pantographs including a vehicle outfitting standing out for its reliability and best results. Wood is the most performing material in terms of resistance, prices and yields considering the vehicle exposures to consistent thermal changes.

The use of a latest generation pantographs is required to allow Silor to better process CNC wood, thus offering single wood parts up to 6.20 meter long. The possibility of using a single part when outfitting industrial and commercial vehicle means cutting damages between parts to the bare mimimum and lower wear, as to provide for the best possible result in time as well.

The possibility of profiting from an internal carpentry as for the CNC wood processing allows Silor to offer advantages to its customers in terms of prices as well. In fact the absence of intermediaries or subcontractors between Silor and the end user allows to offer more convenient economic conditions in comparison to companies not counting on their own internal works.

The internal carpentry allows to entirely control the CNC wood processing cycle, not to underestimate any step in the production of the (industrial and commercial) vehicle outfitting thus mastering the processing of used materials and manufacturing technique as well.

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