Shipping all over Italy

Outfitting transportation and delivery all over Italy

Silor introduced among the new services the possibility to ship companies floor bed and side kits to be directly installed to the commercial vehicles once reaching the reference workshops. Silor in fact directly ships its products all over Italy at convenient costs and rapidly.

Floor bed and side kits for contractors’ vehicles are shipped all over Italy, including beds and accessories to outfit the vehicle by the end user or on behalf of third parties as well, according to the different requirements. Within a reliable kit assembling package, kits are ready to be assembled and easy to be installed, as to offer the most varied and customized solutions possible.

Silor offers materials to comply with many brands and models at present available on the market and agreements with dealers in the Centre and North of Italy allow the company to be constantly updated on existing models and available offers.

Silor finally designed a special packaging to be able to ship kits with the most important national shipping agents, as to offer a guaranteed delivery to the final used within 24/48 hours. Thus any kit is delivered throughout Italy, rapidly and comfortably as well to the end user without damages and delays, ready to be installed, with the minimum possible effort.

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