Technical service

A dedicated service to the industrial vehicle outfitting

Silor provides more than the simple design and installation of vehicle outfitting: in fact it aims at helping its customers to equip their vehicles functionally as best, offering an organization, professional expertise and experience after the outfitting as well, thanks to a prompt and accurate after-sale service.

The relationship of mutual trust with its customer is renewed in time thanks to the certainty to be able to count on a sector leading company availability and the technical after-sale service of outfitted vehicle is an added value factor standing out. Thanks to a young and dynamic team it is possible to successfully co-operate at best with Silor technicians thus profiting from the technical service expertise and professional if required.

The vehicle outfitting service does not in fact end with the change of the van or the vehicle, but allows customers to profit from Silor experience and availability. The company is qualified to provide for its support in case of failures or changes to the internal outfitting, thanks to the support of its qualified technicians, better knowing used materials and without running the risk of interventions which are not compliant with Silor quality policies.

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