Direct sale service of vehicle outfitting kit

Silor offers its customers a unique sale service, thus allowing them not to have their industrial and commercial vehicle outfitted directly within the company but to directly sell them the entire outfitting kit.

The possibility to build and directly forward any company the kits consisting of floor beds and sides stands out as a strength in the Silor efficiency. Direct sales combine the certainty to offer floor beds and sides manufactured with top quality materials, easy to install, comfortably received by the end company, with consistent savings in terms of costs and times.

Thanks to the extremely accurate and reliable part assembling, Silor sale prefab kits are easy-to-install and designed to offer varied and customized solutions. Silor in fact offers 80% of any parts for any vehicle brands and models present on the market, a percentage destined to increased thanks to the Silor daily update on existing models and solutions.

Silor finally designed a special packaging to be able to ship kits with the most important national shipping agents, as to offer a guaranteed delivery to the final used within 24/48 hours. Thus any kit is delivered throughout Italy, rapidly and comfortably as well to the end user, ready to be installed, with the minimum possible effort.

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