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Wednesday 13 December 2017

Great success of Silor at the 2017 Solutrans show in Lyon

For some weeks now the Silor team has returned from the Solutrans exhibition hall, where it displayed a vehicle fitted with a series of products and services that summarize Silor's proposal for the Italian and European market.
The vehicle was equipped with a curtain of the Cam by Silor product line, in a full optional configuration where in addition to the important coverage of 60 square meters, there were also several movements that allowed to widen or reduce the coverage depending on the available space, lower partially or totally the back part of the awning, or move forward or retract the overall curtain assembly towards the front or rear of the vehicle.
In addition, a LED lighting system was installed, equipped with a specific battery and inverter unit and the novelty of a group of 4 external fans under the awning to counteract the heat of summer days.
A stabilizing foot on the vehicle completes the set-up, giving stability in the opening and closing operations of the awning.
The vehicle, on the inside, was equipped with a set of foldable modular shelves for goods and a lifting hoist to facilitate loading / unloading of goods and equipment.
In short, Silor presented a vehicle that allows outdoor work in all conditions: during the day under the sun or in heavy rain, but also at night, thanks to the LED lighting system with a battery system autonomous, not only with the vocation of being a vehicle for the itinerant trade, but of being a flexible vehicle capable of loading material and equipment of different volume and weight, allowing day by day to configure the set of equipment and materials necessary to to face the different difficulties that are faced daily in the world of transport and work on the road ...

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