For customers who have special needs, or prefer polypropylene platforms, Silor designs and manufactures special platforms in this thermoplastic polymer, which has proven to be functional and efficient for organizing and rationalizing the spaces inside vehicles, and for protecting them from wear and tear, bumps, and damage that may occur during use.

Manipulated using a CNC for shaping, drilling and other processes, the honeycomb polypropylene, among its characteristics, has above all the lightness, having a weight lower than that of MDF by 60%, as well as being resistant to heat and water, durable and environmentally friendly.

Polypropylene can have numerous applications and is often the choice of Silor's customers for the interior linings of their commercial vehicles when they intend to equip mobile workshops,so that they have a solid foundation for installing them.

Furthermore, all the processes related to the construction of the honeycomb polypropylene shelves take place internally in Silor, to better supervise all the phases.

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