The historic choice of Silor for the outfitting of commercial vehicles was to prefer the creation of wooden sides to give shape to the ideas and needs of customers. At the base of this conviction are the profound experiences and culture gained with this material, which has always proved to be the most performing in terms of resistance and stability even if the vehicle is exposed to thermal excursions, feature which is also offered in relation to the costs quality wood.

The sides made of wood are shaped on the basis of the available dimensions, according to the different models, and can accommodate convenient storage modules to make the vehicle even more functional. These special panels can also help keep the vehicle tidier, thus preventing the material from overturning, and avoiding any damage to the sheet metal of the vehicle.

Specifically, MDF is used for the sides. It is a wood fiber from which 6 mm thick panels are obtained and which represents the optimal compromise between strength, weight and processing possibilities: thanks to the flexibility of this material, classified E1, or "a low formaldehyde content,” it is in fact possible to follow the vehicle's internal camber.

With processes that are carried out entirely inside without outsourcing, the wooden sides are made from single pieces, and not by assembling parts together, to optimize performance and for a result more resistant to stress and wear over time. Inside Silor, a high precision pantograph allows wood to be worked up to 7 meters in size.

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