Silor prepares the commercial and industrial vehicles using preferably the flatbed in birch plywood: the long experience with this material and profound knowledge about it, in fact, make it possible to optimize the implementation of a very durable coating. 

Almost all the platforms are also made in a single piece, so as to increase the performance of this fundamental component for the vehicle, and also avoid the wearing out of joints and couplings that make the floor less durable.


The floor of the vehicle is shaped to size, to optimize the spaces of the vehicle and improve the resistance of the internal surfaces, leaving space for the wheel arches and connection holes. Furthermore, to maximize its function, it is covered with a special highly resistant paint.

Some requests concern the use of platforms without holes for the original load securing seats or without fixing holes.


In the continuous search increasingly better solutions, Silor is developing new proposals related to the realization of the platforms in plastic materials, which will allow reduction of the weight by 30% and increase in the load capacity.

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