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Select a brand and a model for your contractors’ vehicle.

The possibility to build and directly ship to any customers asking for floor bed and side kits is possible the buttonhole of Silor, as it perfectly matches quality of the materials, prompt availability, comfort in  installation with the best possible results on any vehicle to be modified.

Unit kits, different according to the vehicle as to offer a specific answer to any professional requirement, consisting of shaped walls on the vehicle sides and customized floor beds do not change at all the loading volume and the vehicle capacity, but they better allow to carry out economic and efficient daily activities.

The best matching between floor beds and sides for industrial and commercial vehicles is essentially customized to improve the organization of working tools and loads when moving around. The offers designed and customized by Silor consist of floor beds and accessories to be outfitted by the final user or on behalf of third parties, according to the different requirements.

Designed and reliable in an unique unit packaging, the kits are easy-to-install and intend to offers the most varied and customizes solutions. Static and strength-fatigue-tensile test results provide for a huge quantity of data higher than the vehicle limits, thus proving that the use of  kits leads to the highest possible reliability and performances for the vehicle, even justifying their use on new market products.

Silor offers kits suitable to the great majority of brands and models of contractors’ vehicles present on the market, a quantity destined to increase after the constant model and existing solution update. Agreementswith dealers in the Centre and North of Italy allow the company to be constantly updated on existing models and available offers.

Silor finally designed a special packaging to be able to ship kits with the most important national shipping agents, as to offer a guaranteed delivery to the final used within 24/48 hours. Thus any kit is delivered throughout Italy, rapidly and comfortably as well to the end user without damages and delays, ready to be installed, with the minimum possible effort.

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