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Can i independely fit the floor bed& side kit”?

Absolutely. The Floor bed&side kits to outfit the contractors’ vehicles are designed to be easy and extremely rapid to fit, as to allow anybody independently to have the best and more accurate result possible.

As to assemble the floor bed&side kits for commercial vehicles, it is possible to use basic working tools available in each factory (and in the majority of home garage as well). It leads to a consistent cost saving ant to the possibility to get and fit the kits according to individual schedules as to freely and independently manage the fitting of any contractors’ vehicle, with no need to deliver the vehicle to the workshop.

Video: how to install the floor bed?

In the annexed video it is proved how easy it is to install a floor bed on the van (commercial vehicle) In a few minutes, with a simple drill, a screw driver and riveter, it is possible to simply and accurately install the kit floor bed on your commercial vehicle.

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