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What is the floor bed&side kit supply service?

Flood bed&bed kits stand out as an innovation in the contractors’ vehicle outfitting sector and a unique service offered by Silor only: such kits, in fact, allows the company to provide its customers kits to be independently fitted.

Assembling boxes are directly forwarded to the customers and they hold all the required customized material for the outfitting for the specific vehicle: with the use of standard tools, available everywhere, the customer can shortly outfit its vehicle, with a perfect “Ikea-like” simple , rapid and immediate solution.

Result s from recent tests provided consisted better information than the project limits, thus proving that the use of any kit leads to world-class reliability and performance levels for each vehicle.

A floor bed&side kit  will be supplied within the shorted time period, thanks to the consistent availability within the company. Tracking of kit available is possible simply selecting the vehicle brand and model in the specific website section Floor bed/side kit.

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