For refrigerated products, Silor designs in detail and structures the spaces inside the vehicle to preserve the conservation processes for the transport of perishable food or goods that must maintain a controlled temperature.  At the same time, the work of the driver and all the operators involved is optimized.

The refrigeration unit and refrigerated cells on board the vehicle have all the necessary equipment: boxes, panels, partition walls that are fixed or sliding as needed, together with platforms, specific floors, side doors and hatches that are tailor-made and tested to safeguard the load at low temperature and controlled humidity, to carry out transport in the best conditions and facilitate loading and unloading operations.


The healthiness of various categories of goods depends on respecting the cold chain. These include foodstuffs including fish and meat, milk and cheese, fresh products to be consumed during the day, as well as perishable products that need to be stored in particular environmental conditions, such as plants and flowers or medicines: in these cases, a careful preparation of the refrigerated is an indispensable condition for those who transport them.

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