Silor customizes the work vehicles with the preparation of the bodies, working on the basis of the needs expressed by the customers to adapt their vehicle to transport needs and type of activity.

The box structure facilitates the transport of bulky goods and machinery. The Silor team designs the loading plan in a customized way so that the goods can be received and managed as best as possible, and to facilitate unloading operations. Depending on the customer's needs and type of transport, the body made can be fixed or tipping.

To facilitate loading and unloading, one of the most common creations that Silor carries out is bending, which has proved to be an extremely flexible and practical system for companies.

The tilts vehicles allow the magnitude of the load to be hidden and to protect it better, even from prying eyes, while the mechanical draining is greatly facilitated by the possibility to open all three sides and the roof. 

In addition, the rib also has an important advertising and communication function, as it highlights the company's brand and references.

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