Silor revises the preparation of the minibus to perfect it as a work and travel tool. 


The modifications and customizations designed and built by the Silor team for the vehicle, first involve the interior finishes and accessories, with the possible insertion of a wooden floor covered in one-piece linoleum, also in maxi format, and adapted to specific needs with interventions on different parts and vehicle accessories: seat rails, seats, convectors, additional heaters, parcel shelves, headlining, stereo system, and interior lighting.


At the same time, the transformation of the external fittings involves glued side windows, side windows on gasket, hatch, additional aerator as well as the insertion of the automatic all-glass door or the modification of the preexisting door with an electrification kit.


The minibus, a vehicle for the transport of small groups of people, must be able to meet the needs of transport professionals. This will facilitate the work of the driver and accompanying people. Comfortable journeys will be guaranteed for passengers from start to finish, making them welcome, and their stay pleasant. while ensuring the greatest possible safety on board.

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