Silor S.r.l., thanks to the available technology and its long-lasting expertise, offers a series of world-class outfitting proposals for industrial and commercial vehicles but also exclusively complies with any customization customer requirement.

The mastery in wood processing stands out as a competive edge for Silor S.r.l., thanks to its experience dating back to the fifties. Wood is still the most performing material in terms of resistance, price and stability, especially considering that the vehicle undergoes consistent thermal changes. Silor capacity to offer the best solutions and to process and work CNC woods with the most innovating pantographs provide customer for guarantee to get a realiable and safe outfitting.

The added carpentry production values offered by Silor consist of the capacity not to outsource any production to external companies, and itw entirely and independently controls on its production process.

What is more Silor works with an highly accurate pantograph, making single parts up to 6 meter 20 long: a consistent offer as single wood parts in such a dimension are more performing than any single assembled wood part. A wood covering for vehicle in such sizes is therefore more resistant, lasts in time with no wear and tear.

Silor designs any customization according to the customer requirements, as to offer a commercial and industrial vehicle outfitting service which is not at all standard but complies 100% with the customer requirements. The price is another added value offered by Silor to its customers, as without intermediaries or subcontractors between Silor and the final customer, it is possible to be granted far more favorable economic conditions. What is more the internal carpentry allows to entirely control productions, not to underestimate any production and vehicle outfitting steps and to provide for the entire control of the material quality.

Silor directly works with the best wood manufacturers at the European level, as to get the best possible competitive prices as well as woods, thus outfitting the great majority of wood floor beds for vehicles with as single part, thus increasing the outfitting resistance and possible failures depending on joints or matching.

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