Innovation and organization of the working system: the SILEAN method

In time Silor Srl kept and implemented consistent high level of innovations in designing and manufacturing industrial and commercial vehicles, thanks to its consistent experience and the continuous training and update of its operators.

Controls on the entire production process combined with a technological update and attention paid to the sector new proposals provide for a high quality level and the obtained results in terms of quality confirm once more the company willingness to lead to a “Zero defect” target.

In 2014 Silor started a reorganisation process within its factories introducing a “lean manufacturing” logics and tools and enforcing the “SILEAN” method.

New principles, methods and innovating techniques were introduced to better manage its manufacturing processes, with a unique “primary” goal: increase the value perceived by the end user and systematically cut wastes.

Silor reorganized its flows, production cycles and warehouses thus allowing operators to more practically, flexibly and simply work while supporting the company at the same time in increasing its productivity and efficiency. Witnesses: the complete department layout refurbishing, the workstation re-organization and the introduction of the “Kanban” tool to manage stocks and supply production lines. The SILEAN project is constantly updated as it intends to provide for a continuous and constant organization improvement.

A further Silor strength is the constant flexibility and rapidity in answering the constant updates imposed by the company main customers and by the market in general.

The company staff can manufacture different vehicle outfitting for various applications thanks to a consistent IT support and a better selection of materials and suppliers.

Many partner companies decided to co-operate with Silor mainly for its high warehouse organization and the decision to use wood as for the production of vehicle outfitting. The use of wood for the industrial and commercial vehicle outfitting complies with the company mission, that is offering itse company customers the most performing material in terms of resistance, price and availability as well as for its stability at the different vehicle thermal conditions.

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