Professional, innovation and constant updating

Silor aims at supplying industrial and commercial vehicle outfitting allowing any customer to better work, transportation means perfectly compliant with different requirements, high quality products offering world-class performances.

Silor manufactures and installs a wide range of finishes for industrial vehicles among which floor beds, carpets, side coverings, wheel case covers, cab protection covering, profiles and more. Among its main customers big industrial groups and small handicraft companies as well, thus offering anybody an organized structure tuned on big figures and rapid production.

The enthusiasm of young operators directly liable for designing and manufacturing the vehicle outfitting together with their previous long-lasting experience, the constantly co-operating working climate based on strong personal motivations and professional expertise support the company constant development.

Silor is different from any sector operator due to its organization and high flexibility, without forgetting its long-lasting experience in wood processing as nothing is given for granted thanks to its origins as an handicraft furnishing carpentry.

The decision to work with Silor to outfit any commercial vehicle certaintly depends on sizes and available spaces: big parking areas allow to face any requirement for company fleets and the possibility to store big volumes, to deliver outfitted vehicles in the shortest time possible in compliance with any customer requirement.

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