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A few example for the delivered outfitting.

Customers are the best company business cards. Thus a few Silor accomplishments stand out for heir perfection, with no comment whatsoever, thus proving why companies rely on Silor for the outfitting of their operating commercial and industrial vehicles.

Volkswagen Crafter - Birch floor

Volkswagen Crafter outfitting with birch floor.

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Fiat Talento - Birch floor

Fiat Talento set-up with birch floor.

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Fiat Doblò- Polypropylene platform

Fiat Doblò outfitting with the new polypropylene floor, which weighs 30% less than marine plywood. Are you ready for the future?

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Renault Master- Birch floor

Work vehicle outfitting with Silor Kits.

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